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Kaput Rat Mouse Vole Bait - 150 Place Packs 61225
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Kaput Rat Mouse Vole Bait - 150 Place Packs 61225

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18.75lb. bucket contains easy to use place packs with green grain bait and Warfarin. Kills Norway & Roof rats, house mice, deer mice, white-footed mice and voles. Kills Norway & Roof rats, house mice, voles. Kaput Rat & Mouse Bait is a reduced-risk rodenticide that kills Norway rats, Roof rats, house mice, and voles. The bait is formulated with warfarin - a highly effective anticoagulant with very low environmental and secondary toxicity. Because warfarin is effective against rodents at low concentrations, it is one of the active ingredients in rodenticides. However, in cases of accidental ingestion by children or pets, Vitamin K1 is a readily available antidote. Presented as a loose grain, Kaput Rat & Mouse Bait is packaged in two ounce place packs. Rodents readily accept the bait as a food source because it mimics the grains and seeds that they naturally consume. Hence it is best suited for rodent control. The convenient packaging ensures easy application of the bait in appropriate quantities according to your specific needs. The bait can be placed as a whole, unopened package (the specialized design of the packaging material allows the rodent to smell the bait and gnaw through the pack to access it) or as portions if smaller applications are required.


For best performance, remove other food sources from the area.

Rats: Apply 2-8 packs per placement in intervals of 15 to 30 feet along infested areas. Maintain bait supply for 10 days

Mice: Apply 1 to 2 bait per placement (or entire package in highly infested areas) in intervals of 8 to 12 feet. Maintain bait supply for 15 days.

Voles: Apply directly to burrows or runways and cover well to prevent non-target exposure. Maintain bait supply for 15 days.

Use tamper-resistant bait stations when children, pets, or non-target wildlife are present.

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5Kaput ReviewAug 20, 2013
By Dawn Holland
We have a retail/wholesale nursery in South Carolina and we would never be without this product! It is tried and true! Customers always come back for this product when they have problems with voles. This is the only product for voles we recommend.

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1Kaput for VolesJul 12, 2013
By JD49
I've used Kaput for about two years for voles. I didn't have a very bad infestation. I use it in the winter when food was scarce. Voles took the bait. They would take it all in a short time period which appeared to me that they were storing it. Kaput was not very effective at controlling voles.

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